Feb 28, 2024

What is the Best Window Cleaning Equipment? (3 Window Cleaning Tools That Will Change Your Life!)

What is the Best Window Cleaning Equipment? (3 Window Cleaning Tools That Will Change Your Life!)

A grime-covered window can easily make or break the look of a room, while quickly making a clean room feel dirty. Are there easy ways to keep your windows clean and free from grime? Yes! It’s simple to keep your windows clean and free from grime when you’ve got the right tools on your cleaning belt. There are many different window-specific cleaning products on the market (some much more effective than others), however, we’ll be talking about window cleaning tools and accessories that will change your cleaning routine for the better.

What are the best window cleaning tools?

1. Window squeegees

Window squeegees are a great tool to keep water residue and grime build-up down to a minimum on your windows. Wetting the window down with water and giving it a few swipes with a squeegee will quickly remove watermarks and surface grime, keeping your windows looking sparkling for longer between big cleans.

2. Glass scrapers

Stubborn grime and dirt spots, sticky fingerprints, and other residues on glass are a pain to remove. Investing in a glass scraper (one of the best window cleaning solutions) will allow you to remove those extra annoying marks without scratching your window. A clean, dry surface is all you need for the best results with a glass scraper.

3. Quality window cleaning solutions

Of course, we had to mention this top-notch product that makes window cleaning a breeze. A quality glass restoration solution is vital to restoring those windows that have seen better days. Powerful ingredients easily remove mineral deposits, hard water marks, and soap scum from glass, without the need for hard scrubbing. By using a glass restoration product in combination with the best tools, your window will be left looking brand new.

Life-changing cleaning tools are so easy to come by. The three tools listed above are readily available in the GLASSGUARD online store - a convenient hub that’s been created to make household cleaning much easier. Hard scrubbing and elbow grease will become a thing of the past when you’ve got the right products and tools to keep your windows (and the rest of your home) sparkling clean.