Feb 01, 2024

What is the BEST Thing to Clean Tile and Grout?

What is the BEST Thing to Clean Tile and Grout?

Grout and tiles can become dirty very quickly, especially because they’re generally placed in areas where a lot of mess occurs (bathrooms, kitchens, laundries, etc.). Many people often wonder how to clean tile and grout and keep it clean, as it requires a lot of effort, and built-up dirt and grime can be quite stubborn to remove. Tile and grout in ‘wet’ areas, such as your bathroom, can also be prone to mold build-up, a harmful and unhealthy fungus that loves to grow in moist environments. What solutions can you use for cleaning tile and grout while also keeping mold at bay? We’ve selected our favourite products to make cleaning tile and grout a breeze.

1. Clean mold from tile and grout with a quality mold remover

Got mold? Say good riddance with GLASSGUARD Miracle Mold Removal Gel. This gel penetrates down to the roots of the mold, unlike other mold removers which generally only stick to cleansing the mold’s surface. Our environmentally friendly, highly effective solution and no-scrub formula make removing mold easy. By eradicating the mold at the root, regrowth is prevented, and mold is eliminated. It’s safe to use on a variety of surfaces, including your tiles and grout.

2. Achieve an incredible tile and grout clean with a Drill Scourer Brush

No more back-breaking scrubbing is needed for a top-notch grout clean! A scourer brush quickly and easily removes soap scum, rust, and other tough stains without damaging or scratching your surfaces. Our GLASSGUARD Drill Scourer Brush is perfect for use on a range of surfaces and even comes with two different scouring pads to ensure a thorough clean on all your surfaces.

3. Protect tile and grout with a nanocoat solution

Our GLASSGUARD Tile & Grout Nanocoat Kit is the ultimate in protecting tile and grout once it’s been effectively cleaned. Cleaning tile and grout in future will become a breeze, with the nanocoat’s protective, non-stick layer which repels water and prevents dirt, mold, grime, and soap scum build-up.

BONUS: Sometimes your bathroom tiles and grout just need that little bit extra help to bring them back to a sparkling clean finish. A cleaning and protecting kit such as the GLASSGUARD Bathroom Makeover Bundle includes a range of products that will pamper your entire bathroom (including tile and grout) to a superior clean, and keep it cleaner for longer.

There you have it! These are the best products to keep your grout and tiles as clean as can be. Say goodbye to the difficult task of bathroom cleaning, and welcome GLASSGUARD as your new best friend in effective, efficient cleaning.