Jan 17, 2024

What Do Professionals Use to Clean Shower Glass? (The Answer Might Shock You!)

What Do Professionals Use to Clean Shower Glass? (The Answer Might Shock You!)

If you're super invested in perfecting your household cleaning routine, you may be wondering, "What do professionals use to clean shower glass?". We've done some research, and, honestly, the answer might just shock you.

1. The trusty shower sponge

Yep, one of the most used items for professionally cleaning the shower screen is the good old shower scrubber, sponge scourer, glass scourer - whatever you want to call it! Simple, but effective. The best part? They're generally quite versatile and can be used throughout the home, not just for the shower screen. Just be sure to choose a shower scrubber that has been designed specifically to handle the needs of glass cleaning or you may end up with scratches on your shower door.

2. A quality glass scraper

This is a shower screen cleaner with a lot of oomph! These are mostly utilised in instances where stickers, dirt, grime or other residues have become stuck to the glass and no amount of scrubbing is able to remove them. Much like the scourer listed above, it's not only a glass cleaner for shower glass, but it can also be used for coffee tables, windows and plenty of other glass surfaces in the home.

PRO TIP: This super versatile cleaning item can also be used as a paint scraper!

3. Glass nanocoat protection

Once the pros have hit the shower with a shower glass cleaner, they'll often follow up with some kind of protection for the glass surface, namely a nanocoat solution. Nanocoat solutions are the perfect way to ensure the shower cleaner is able to work its magic for longer by adhering to the glass surface and creating a hydrophobic barrier. Say goodbye to build-up and hello to less time spent cleaning.

So, what's so shocking about the cleaning products in this article? They're all easily accessible and available for a super affordable price through our GLASSGUARD online store. As always, if you need a hand identifying the best shower glass cleaner for your home, reach out and we'll be happy to help.