Jan 19, 2024

What Are Standard Cleaning Supplies (And Which Ones Work Best)?

What Are Standard Cleaning Supplies (And Which Ones Work Best)?

With the vast array of cleaning supplies on the market, you can sometimes be left scratching your head, wondering “Which of these do I really need?”. We’ve compiled a handy list to help you understand what your standard cleaning supplies should be, and which ones will work best in your home.

1. Mold remover

Mold remover is an extremely important weapon in your cleaning arsenal. A nasty fungus that secretes toxins into the environment, mold loves growing in poorly ventilated, damp areas of your home. A quality mold remover helps kill mold at the roots to remove it and prevent it from reappearing.

2. Multi-purpose cleaner

Multi-purpose cleaners are a crucial part of standard cleaning supplies. Anti-bacterial properties allow these cleaners to be used on a vast array of surfaces, including kitchen benches, bathroom vanities, and everything in between! Many multi-purpose cleaners also act as stain removers, cutting through those tough stains on countertops and other surfaces.

3. Shower glass cleaner

Shower glass can quickly become filmy and scaly without proper, regular cleaning. Including a shower glass cleaner with your standard cleaning supplies ensures your shower glass will always be sparkling clean and does not become built up with grime, scale, and hard water stains.

4. Squeegee

A ‘two-pronged’ approach to cleaning your shower glass, as well as glass cleaner, is the use of a squeegee. A silicone squeegee can help to keep scale and water marks down, especially if you take the time to do a quick 30-second wipe-down after every shower. This will help you in the long run by making cleaning those bigger cleans less frequent and less full on.

5. Microfibre cleaning cloths

Say goodbye to paper towels and subpar cleaning cloths, and say hello to microfibre! Microfibre cleaning cloths are the superior choice when looking for cleaning products with longevity, sustainability, and environmentally friendly appeal. They are machine-washable, don’t cause damage to your surfaces, provide a better clean, and with proper care, can last for years before needing to be replaced.

6. Surface protection (nanocoat solutions)

Last on the list (but certainly not least) is surface protection. Nanocoat solutions create a hydrophobic barrier that helps to repel dirt, oil, water, and even bacteria. It can help in reducing cleaning times (less built up to tackle) and is a more environmentally friendly solution than harsh chemicals.

Some of the cleaning solutions in this article may seem obvious, however, when used all together, they can save you valuable time in your cleaning routine and reduce the amount of cleaning you actually need to do!