The Incredible Connection Between Regular Cleaning and Improved Mental Health and Wellbeing (3 Important Notes)

The Incredible Connection Between Regular Cleaning and Improved Mental Health and Wellbeing (3 Important Notes)

Many of us look at cleaning as such a chore. Let’s be honest, it’s not always the most fun job to take care of. So, when our mental health is in a bit of a slump, cleaning is often the last thing we want to be doing, and it is often forgotten about completely. Beds left unmade, clothes strewn across the floor, the list goes on with things we’ll avoid doing.

With that being said, there is reason to believe that regular cleaning can actually help improve overall wellbeing and mental health.

How does cleaning regularly help improve mood and overall mental health and wellbeing?

1.      Increase motivation

Often when people are feeling depressed or stressed, cleaning is something we tend to avoid doing. Mess can build up quickly and without you even noticing. Leaving this mess can increase feelings of depression and reduce motivation for other tasks and makes cleaning feel like an overwhelming mission when you’re ready to start tidying your home.

2.      Sense of accomplishment

Avoiding cleaning can also cause us to feel a lack of control in our own home, contributing to increased stress levels. Other stressors, such as those from work or relationships are often out of our hands, and so it is important to think of cleaning as something that you have control over. It’ll help you to feel as if you’ve accomplished a goal once you have finished cleaning and tidying up.

3.      Reduce depression and stress

Many people forget what a great feeling it is to be organised and entering a tidy environment can instantly improve your mood. Having a neat home is a proven way to alleviate feelings of depression and stress. Keeping your home organised also saves time on cleaning in the future, so it’s a much easier task to battle if you find yourself in a similar situation again.

So, next time you’re feeling a bit down, don’t put it off, pick up your cleaning supplies and start working on little bits at a time. You’ll soon start to see the light at the end of the tunnel – a tidy home equals a tidy mind!

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