Jun 13, 2024

How To Save Time When Cleaning To Host Guests In 3 Simple Steps

How To Save Time When Cleaning To Host Guests In 3 Simple Steps

Whether you’re cleaning to host guests in the next 5 minutes or the next 5 days, it can be daunting to face the inevitable task of cleaning your home before their arrival. We have a few cleaning tricks up our sleeve to help make cleaning quicker and easier when you’re preparing to host visitors. Let’s dive in…

1. Rely on multi-purpose cleaning products

This isn’t just a tip for cleaning before guests arrive - multi-purpose cleaning tools are fantastic investments overall! They can help reduce cleaning time, removing the need to search for multiple cleaning products and swap between them throughout the clean-up. They’re also a great way to save space and decrease clutter. Microfibre cloths, with their lint-free, highly absorbent material make incredible cleaning tools for just about any surface. There are also some really fantastic multi-purpose cleaning fluids available (our pick of the bunch are dissolvable multi-purpose cleaning tablets - they work super well and last a long time).

2. Prioritise areas that guests will actually use

For short-term visits, it’s likely that your guests will be sticking to communal areas like the main bathroom, dining room, kitchen, living areas, and alfresco if you have an outdoor entertainment space. If guests are staying overnight or for lengthier periods, you’ll need to add guest bedrooms and bathrooms to that list. These would be the areas to focus on as a priority - you don’t need to clean the entire house, just the areas your guests will be frequenting.

3. Break the clean-up into 15-minute intervals

If you have enough time, don’t try to do a massive clean all in one go. This will cause more harm than good - leaving you stressed out and feeling super overwhelmed. Instead, break the cleaning up into 15-minute intervals. Choose a room, clean for 15 minutes (set an alarm to keep you on track), then take a 15-minute break to grab a glass of water, a snack, or just take a short rest. Repeat until all the cleaning is done, or split it up over the course of a few days. Though this isn’t exactly one of the best house cleaning tips for a speedier clean, it will definitely help make it feel like the cleaning is happening quickly, while reducing stress and overwhelm.

There you have it! Now, you’re all set to freshen up your home before your guests arrive. Have fun!