Nov 20, 2023

7 Concerning Facts About Mold That Homeowners NEED To Know

7 Concerning Facts About Mold That Homeowners NEED To Know

Mold in your home? Here’s what you need to know before getting stuck into any attempt at cleaning it…

1. Mold isn’t the same as mildew

People tend to lump mold and mildew together, thinking they are much the same thing. Though they do share similarities in their makeup, the main difference is that mildew is a surface fungus while mold can penetrate surfaces setting deep roots, making it more difficult to remove.

2. Asthma can be triggered and worsened by mold exposure

Mold produces spores that are airborne and easily inhaled, causing issues for asthma sufferers and people with allergies. Many find that their symptoms worsen near mold infestations and long-term exposure has even been known to cause asthma in people who have not been diagnosed with the condition previously.

3. Mold may cause depression and low mood

Multiple studies have linked depression and low mood to mold infestations, even mild exposure. It’s not hard to imagine that living in a place where your asthma or allergies are flaring up constantly could create that kind of result.

4. Mold can take root on almost any surface

As frustrating as it is to admit, there really aren’t many surfaces in a household that are truly safe from mold growth. All it takes is a way for the mold to enter the home (vents, windows, air conditioning systems, etc.) and moisture or humidity for it to feed upon. If this happens, paper, cardboard, paints, insulation, clothing, wallpaper, grout, silicone - most surfaces can be affected.

5. Painting over mold won’t fix the problem

We’ve all had the thought at one stage or another, “What if I just paint over it? Surely that will kill the mold.” Unfortunately, fully removing mold takes more than just a coat of paint, even paint that claims to be able to ‘kill mold’.

6. Mold can grow and spread within a few days

In just 24 hours, mold can sink its roots in and start spreading, making it so important that any water leakages are sealed and surfaces are dried as soon as possible.

7. Mold can reduce the value of your property

Knowing what we now know about mold, it’s not hard to see why it would reduce the value of your home when the time comes for a valuation to sell (or even to lease) the property. Not only can it lower the functionality of the home, but the potential for costly repairs can make values drop dramatically.

BONUS: Removing mold doesn’t actually have to be as difficult as you might think

As long as you’ve addressed the underlying cause of the mold (water leakage, excess moisture due to low ventilation, etc.) simply use our fantastic Miracle Mold Removal Gel to take care of any visible mold spots down to the roots. Then, you can use a specialised nanocoat protective solution on the surface to create a hydrophobic barrier, reducing the chances of mold reappearing.