Dec 30, 2023

5 Worthwhile Reasons to Include Nanocoat Protection in Your 2024 Business Budget

5 Worthwhile Reasons to Include Nanocoat Protection in Your 2024 Business Budget

Looking to finalise your business budget for the upcoming year? Here are five rock-solid reasons why investing in nanocoat protection might just be the ticket to saving money long-term (and it offers a bunch of other benefits to boot)!

1. Keep your assets in great condition for longer

Different types of nanocoat can help protect a range of surfaces including glass, grout, tiling and car paint against everyday wear and tear including etching, scratching, soap scum, hard water stains, mineral deposits, acid rain, salt fog and corrosive bird droppings. This means your investments are kept in great condition for longer, saving you costs on repairs and replacements.

2. Create cleaner, healthier and more productive workspaces

Nobody likes working in an environment with fingerprints on the windows or stains on the surfaces in the bathroom. Nanocoat protection can help reduce the buildup of these marks with its hydrophobic properties (droplets of liquid slide right off and a quick wipe down is all it takes to remove most marks). Clean windows allow more light to filter in, brightening the atmosphere, and keeping surfaces clean and free from germs and bacteria becomes easier to manage.

3. Save money on cleaning bills with nanocoat protection

For the businesses who hire cleaners on an hourly basis or carry out DIY cleaning, applying nanocoat to the surfaces in your shop, office or other business premises can work wonders in saving time and costs. Nanocoat protection makes it harder for dirt, grime, stains and other marks to accumulate, meaning less time spent scrubbing and more time (and money) to put towards more important business expenses and development.

4. Do your part for the environment

When applied properly, nanocoat can reduce the time and effort spent cleaning which often means using less water and/or harsh chemicals to keep the space looking spick and span.

5. Stand out and shine bright to your clients and customers

It is so important to make a good first (and ongoing) impression when clients and customers visit your place of business. Applying nanocoat to the surfaces in your workplace is a surefire way to make cleaning and upkeep easier, ensuring your space is always looking its best (even for unexpected visits).

Whether it's making the most of your assets, standing out from the crowd and making a good impression, or making good choices for our planet, adding nanocoat protection to your 2024 business budget can absolutely help level up your business game in the new year.