Sep 05, 2023

5 Reasons Why Using Specialised Nanocoat Glass Protector is the BEST Approach

5 Reasons Why Using Specialised Nanocoat Glass Protector is the BEST Approach

Have you heard about nanocoat glass cleaning products (you probably have, they’ve gotten quite popular in recent years) but you just don’t know much about how they can help make cleaning easier for you? Here are 5 reasons why making the switch to a specialised nanocoat glass protector is the best decision you can make for your cleaning routine.

1. Unparalleled protection

Nanocoat glass protector creates an invisible shield on glass surfaces, repelling water, dirt, and even stubborn oils. This means less scrubbing and more time enjoying the sight of clean and clear glass windows and doors.

2. Long-lasting brilliance

Ordinary glass cleaners might give you temporary shine, but a specialised nanocoat protector ensures a lasting brilliance that endures (even in showers where soap scum and hard water stains live). The durable formula of nanocoat glass cleaners helps glass surfaces maintain their lustre over time.

3. Effortless cleaning

A higher level of protection means fewer stains, less soap scum and less mould and mildew buildup on your glass surfaces. A quick wipe with a soft microfibre cleaning cloth is all you need to restore your glass to its sparkling best every so often. Plus, the time frame between when bigger cleans are needed is also extended.

4. Incredible versatility

The beauty of a quality nanocoat glass protector lies in its versatility. A specialised glass nanocoat product will be suitable for a range of surfaces, from windows and mirrors to glass tabletops and shower screens. One product, countless applications, and consistent results every time.

5. Environmentally friendly

When you choose an eco-friendly nanocoat protector, you're not just choosing a smarter way to protect and maintain your glass surfaces. You're also making an environmentally conscious choice. We can’t speak for other products, but our GlassGuard nanocoat formula is designed with sustainability and eco-friendly outcomes in mind, so you can enjoy a cleaner home while minimising your ecological footprint with no harsh chemicals in sight.

For the best results with nanocoat protection for your glass surfaces, we recommend our Glass Nanocoat DIY Kit which includes everything you’ll need to restore, protect and maintain sparkling glass surfaces in your home.