Dec 19, 2023

5 Must-Have Christmas Gifts for a Cleaner and Brighter Home

5 Must-Have Christmas Gifts for a Cleaner and Brighter Home

The holiday season is upon us. Are you scrambling for gift ideas? What better way to end the year than to gift some incredible cleaning products to help your loved ones welcome the new year with a cleaner, brighter and healthier home? Here are 5 must-have Christmas gifts to help bring in 2024 the right way…

1. Mold Remover & Protect Bundle

This bundle is a game-changer in combating mold and mildew, ensuring a fresher, cleaner environment. With powerful yet safe formulations, the mold removal gel tackles stains and mold effectively, right down to the roots, while the tile and grout nanocoat protects surfaces against future mold growth. It’s best to use this bundle after the cause of the mold growth has been taken care of (this may call for a plumber to fix any water leakage or similar issues in water-prone areas).

2. Glass Stain & Mold Remover Bundle

This gift is perfect for those looking to restore glass surfaces to their pristine condition. The included items effectively remove tough stains and mold buildup, leaving windows, mirrors, shower doors, and other glass surfaces sparkling clean and mold-free.

3. Glass Restore & Protect Bundle

The items in this kit have been designed to restore and protect glass, removing stains and creating a protective layer that minimises future dirt accumulation, seriously reducing future cleaning time and effort (name a better gift, we’ll wait).

4. Ultimate Restore & Protect Bundle

This comprehensive set includes everything needed for top-to-bottom glass restoration and protection (plus a bonus tile and grout nanocoat protection solution as well). It's a thoughtful gift for someone looking to transform their bathroom, laundry, kitchen or another space by reviving and safeguarding all glass, tile and grout surfaces.

5. CleanerTabs Starter Kit

Give the gift of easy and environmentally friendly cleaning with our innovative CleanerTabs Starter Kit. These dissolvable tablets are a sustainable alternative, creating a powerful cleaning solution when added to a reusable spray bottle filled with water. They effectively clean surfaces without leaving harmful chemical residues.

This holiday season, spread the joy of a cleaner home with these thoughtful and practical gifts. Each one is designed to bring sparkle and shine to every corner, making them the perfect presents for anyone who loves a fresh and tidy living space.