Oct 26, 2022

5 Common Household Cleaning Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

5 Common Household Cleaning Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Think you’ve been cleaning your house the right way? You may actually be doing more harm than good and making it much harder for yourself than it needs to be. Check out the following suggestions from cleaning experts to see how well you’re tackling your cleaning and where you might be able to improve.

Not wiping down your oven after each use

This is possibly one of the most hated cleaning tasks known to humanity. The main reason cleaning the oven out always seems like such a chore though, is because people don’t clean theirs regularly enough. This causes more and more build-up after each use, baking the grime into the oven itself. By wiping down the oven quickly after each use, you can avoid the suuuuper arduous cleans every few months.

Using hot water for stain removal

When it comes to stain removal, most people tend to reach for the warm soapy water. Although warm water IS best for oil-based stains, other stains like blood, wine and dirt are much more receptive to cold water.

Not cleaning chopping boards properly

Chopping boards, especially wooden ones, have a nasty habit of collecting and absorbing tiny bits of food in the porous material of the board. A simple wash over with warm, soapy water isn’t generally enough to remove all bacteria and smells. Soaking the board in boiling water and rubbing with a cut lemon is going to help provide a much better clean.

Using bleach to clean and remove mould

Bleach simply kills surface mould but doesn’t reach the mould that sits underneath. It can also take the colour out of the mould, making it look as though you’ve gotten rid of it, but it’s really just been camouflaged. Use a high-quality mould removal product that is specifically designed to combat mould instead!

Not taking care of your vacuum cleaner

Nobody ever thinks to clean the cleaner. What’s the point in trying to clean a dirty floor with a dirty vacuum cleaner? It’s just going to make more of a mess. Always remember to remove any hair, string, fluff or other material that may be caught in the roller brush, check the hose for any blockages and empty dust canisters and clean filters at least once a month.

How many of these common cleaning mistakes have you been making? Hopefully these will help cut down your cleaning time and make it less of a chore for you in future.