Mar 30, 2022

4 Easy Tricks to Keep Your Shower Clean

4 Easy Tricks to Keep Your Shower Clean


After your steamy shower, if steam has no where to go, it is going to cover your bathroom in water. When this water eventually evaporates, it leaves behind all of the minerals and grime in the water, which overtime causes your bathroom to become dirty. Not to mention, the moisture creates the perfect breeding ground for all sorts of mould. 

Make it a habit to open the window and leave the door open after you leave the bathroom. Even if you have a extractor fan built into your bathroom, usually this will not be powerful enough to rid the bathroom of the moisture before it settles and evaporates and often this is turned off once you leave the bathroom. 


I'm sure you have heard this one before. I will say that it is super effective but who has the time, right? The last thing I want to do after my nice, relaxing shower is to go grab the squeegee and wipe clean the shower. Not to mention, getting your children into the habit is near impossible. 

Now there are a few things you can do to make this routine a tad bit easier. The first is to buy the largest squeegee possible. If it can cover at least half the glass then it makes the whole process a lot faster. The second is to have the squeegee at the ready. Install a small self-adhesive hook by the shower door to leave the squeegee on so you can easily grab it after your shower 


That's right, it time to ditch the old bar soap. When soap combines with the minerals that are in water it causes the tough soap scum stains you regularly see on your glass shower doors. Liquid "soaps" are actually detergents. They should dissolve very easily and leave little to no scum, meaning you can say goodbye to soap scum stains.


It's science people. It is impossible for anything to stick to a nanocoat. If you haven't heard of a 'glass nanocoat' before then you are about to be amazed. A glass nanocoat is a clear liquid that you spray on a glass surface and then rub around until it dries. The liquid fills in the microscopic bumps and groves on the glass surface and adds a 'nano-thin' protective coating. Once the coating is on the glass it will last around 5 years. It will prevent anything from sticking to the glass, including water, soap scum, dirt and grime. Now I know what you're thinking. This all sounds far to complex for me. Well it's not. Applying a nanocoat is so simple that it's virtually impossible to stuff it up. Check out our GLASSGUARD Nanocoat DIY Kit. The kit includes everything you need to do the application yourself.