Apr 11, 2022

4 Different Ways to Help Motivate You to Clean

4 Different Ways to Help Motivate You to Clean

1. Invite people over

Reach out to some old friends. It's only natural to want a clean home for your friends to enjoy and no one wants people to think they are messy.

2. Turn up the music

Not only will music put you into a happy or chill mood, which will make cleaning feel like less of a chore but research shows, it actually help you complete the task faster

3. Try the "2-minute Rule"

Scale your cleaning down to 2-minute tasks. The idea is to make your cleaning as easy as possible to start in order to build the habit of cleaning regulary.

4. Clean during commercial breaks

If there is one thing you probably enjoy less than cleaning, it’s commercial breaks. Every time a commercial break comes on (or a netflix episode ends), get up and do a few small tasks. By the end of the show, you’ll have put a serious dent in the job.