Aug 20, 2022

3 More Incredible Cleaning Hacks You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

3 More Incredible Cleaning Hacks You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

People are always on the lookout for different methods that may be more effective or save them time when cleaning around the house. Are you in the market for some cleaning hacks? Here we’ve listed some of our favourites for you to try - these definitely came from thinking ‘outside the box’, but don’t knock them ‘til you try them!

Use a squeegee to remove pet hair from carpet

Does your pet shed everywhere, and your vacuum cleaner struggle to effectively remove the hair and dust nestled deep into the carpet? This may sound absolutely bizarre but using a squeegee on the carpet actually works!

Simply drag a squeegee, using a small amount of pressure, along the section of carpet you wish to remove the hair and dust from. Once this has been lifted from the carpet, simply vacuum it up as you normally would. This method also makes it easier for you to get into corners and crannies that are difficult to reach with a vacuum.

The squeegee doesn’t have to be exclusively used on carpet – you can also use it on upholstery on chairs and couches, and on rugs.

If you struggle with allergies from dust and pet hair, this hack may even help to keep your symptoms to a minimum.

Sterilize sponges in the microwave

We use sponges to clean our dishes or surfaces, but how can we effectively clean them to reduce bacteria? As it turns out, microwaving your sponge kills bacteria!

The US Department of Agriculture conducted a study which found that microwaving your sponge can kill 99.9% of bacteria living within.

Microwaving your sponge also reduces waste, as it will not become dirty or mouldy as quickly.

With that in mind, make sure you still check your sponge regularly and ensure that you replace it as necessary.

Take a picture of your room before cleaning it

Why would you want to take a picture of a messy room? The reason for this is that it may be easier for you to spot mess. By taking a photo of the room, it’s as if you’re seeing it through someone else’s eyes.

You may find you’re able to spot areas which are messy or where clutter has gathered that you didn’t notice with the naked eye looking around the room.

If you struggle with clutter, you could try keeping photographs of how you like your home to look when clean. You can use these pictures as a comparison if you’ve built up clutter and mess to make it easier for you to return the room to its original state and put away or remove any items you may have missed.

Even though some of the cleaning methods or techniques we have mentioned may seem a bit strange, that doesn’t mean they’re not effective. Why not try them out and see if they work for you? We hope these cleaning hacks help you on your journey to a beautifully clean home!