Aug 04, 2023

3 Hidden Dangers of Petrochemicals in Cleaning Products

3 Hidden Dangers of Petrochemicals in Cleaning Products

Cleaning products are essential for maintaining a tidy home, but in some cleaning products, there is more to those squeaky-clean surfaces than meets the eye. We are much more eco-aware than we’ve ever been so we tend to take note of potential hazards lurking in certain cleaning products. In particular, petrochemicals, derived from petroleum, can cause problems in more ways than one. Here are 3 common hidden dangers of petrochemicals in cleaning products and why you should avoid them.

1. Harm to humans

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are gasses that emit from certain solids or liquids and are most often found in cleaning products that contain petrochemicals in the form of solvents and fragrances. From irritating your eyes and lungs to contributing to that mystery headache and even causing long-term health issues, VOCs aren't exactly a welcome side effect.

2. Damage to surfaces

Natural surfaces like marble and some man-made surfaces like plastics find it hard to withstand the harshness of petrochemicals. When you use a cleaner containing them, you risk reducing the lifetime and value of the items in your home. You might find that they are subject to etching, wearing away, dulling and even melting, depending on the type of material you’re trying to clean.

3. Harm to animals and the environment

When you wash petrochemicals down the drain, they journey through the water system, ultimately reaching our aquatic friends in the rivers and oceans. They pollute our waterways, causing irreparable harm to plants, animals and the environment as a whole. Let's face it, our planet doesn't need any more environmental issues on its plate.

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