Sep 07, 2023

3 Common Causes of Stains on Car Paint (And How to Avoid Them)

3 Common Causes of Stains on Car Paint (And How to Avoid Them)

We get it - for a lot of people, your car is your pride and joy. You wash, wax, and polish it regularly to keep it looking fresh, but often, despite your best efforts, pesky stains seem to find their way onto your car paint. Don’t stress - we’ve compiled a list of the top 3 culprits when it comes to car paint stains - AND we can recommend a way to help avoid them altogether. Let’s dive in…

1. Bird droppings

Our feathered friends might be cute, but their poop can wreak serious havoc on car paint. The acidic content in bird droppings can etch into the surface, leaving behind spots that are really unsightly.

2. Water stains

So, you just got back from a drive and parked your car out in the sun. The next thing you know, there are water spots covering your once-pristine paint job. These spots occur when water droplets dry up and leave behind mineral deposits.

3. Tree sap

Nature is beautiful, but tree sap is anything but beautiful on your car's paint. It's sticky, stubborn, and notorious for staining long-term.

In the case of each of these stain creators, prevention is the best protection. What happens though when you can’t avoid parking out in the elements? A nanocoat shield is your new best friend!

What is car paint nanocoat and how does it work?

A car paint nanocoat protector can help keep your car in tip-top condition through the power of nanocoating.

Once applied, the nanocoat creates a protective layer on your car's surface, preventing dirt, dust, water and other grime from sticking. This means you won't have to clean your car as often or worry about stains building up - saving you a lot of time, effort and stress!

Next time you need to clean your car, try a specialised nanocoat protector for ultimate protection.