Mar 15, 2024

7 Fantastic Spring Cleaning Tips That Will Save You Time, Money, and Elbow Grease

7 Fantastic Spring Cleaning Tips That Will Save You Time, Money, and Elbow Grease

Spring has officially sprung, with March 19th marking the first day of spring! The mention of spring quite often goes hand-in-hand with spring cleaning AND figuring out which spring cleaning products and techniques are the best to use. So, we have 7 fantastic spring cleaning tips to share that will help you save elbow grease, money, and time when you’re ready to get stuck into it.

1. Make a schedule

Spring cleaning is often ‘the big one’ for many of us and can take a little while to complete. By creating a schedule, you can plan what to do accordingly. The task of spring cleaning will no longer feel mammoth when you’ve got a plan of action ready. Also, take note of the following spring house cleaning tips to make it easier to remember what to do when tackling certain tasks.

2. Do your decluttering first

Getting stuck into decluttering your home before starting on the deep cleaning is key. By removing clutter and any items you no longer need, it means fewer items will be in your way when it comes to cleaning and your home will be better organised after the fact.

3. Don’t do everything in one day

When you’re in the mood for cleaning, sometimes you just want to get in and complete it all - scrub the shower, clean out the fridge, deal with the mold…everything! Unfortunately, that’s a great way to burn yourself out, and you’ll end up only doing a fraction of what you wanted to do before giving up halfway through. In your schedule, plan to clean over a couple of days so your time can be spent effectively, and you won’t feel as tired or burnt out afterwards.

4. Clean from top to bottom

Cleaning from top to bottom ensures that any dirt or dust from high places that end up on the floor will be easily picked up in the vacuum. Because the dusting happens first, this method ensures you don’t have to go over any areas with the vacuum twice, avoiding double the work!

5. Don’t forget your appliances

Quite often we forget about our appliances. Fridges, ovens, and dishwashers are left to fend for themselves as we forget that they need a bit of love sometimes too. Descaling the kettle or coffee machine is another task to add to your appliance cleaning list as this is often forgotten.

6. Vertical surfaces need love too

Sometimes when cleaning, you get so focused on your floors, benchtops, and horizontal surfaces that you completely forget about your vertical ones. Give them a spray and wipe over with CLEANERTABS multi-purpose spray (in your favourite scent) and follow with a microfibre cloth. This will help to remove dust, dirt, and grime that may have built up on your walls over time, especially in your bathroom and kitchen.

7. Work your way around the room

Flitting back and forth between different tasks or areas within a room will increase the risk that something is forgotten. By working around the room in sections, you can focus completely on one area to ensure nothing is missed and everything is thoroughly cleaned.

These tips will help to keep you on track this spring cleaning season. Remember, spring cleaning is a big job, and it’s okay to take things slowly to ensure you accomplish everything you set out to do.