Jun 20, 2024

5 Incredible Tips for Maintaining a Clean Home with Kids or Pets

5 Incredible Tips for Maintaining a Clean Home with Kids or Pets

If you have messy kids and/or pets, it can feel like such a challenge trying to keep the house clean. We have a few cleaning tips to share that may help make your life a little easier in the cleaning department.

1. Try a minimalistic lifestyle

Follow in the footsteps of Marie Kondo and declutter to embrace minimalism. The less things there are to make mess, the less mess there will be.

2. Set clear rules

Whether you’re dealing with kids or pets, setting firm rules and expectations is key. Keep pets off benches or out of certain rules. Ask kids to pack away toys when they’re done playing. If rules are followed, reward good behaviour with treats for pets, a sticker chart for kids or something else that makes them happy.

3. Groom pets and clean enclosures regularly

Whether you have cats, dogs, birds, reptiles or another type of animal companion, keeping their fur, feathers and scales clean and healthy is a great way to avoid excess mess. Cleaning enclosures and play areas regularly will keeps pets happy and keep the mess to a minimum.

4. Keep cleaning supplies organised

Having a specific cupboard for cleaning supplies, with products organised and easy to find will make the cleaning process much quicker and easier. It makes it easier for kids to help with the cleaning too (safely, of course).

5. Create a cleaning schedule

Share the cleaning chores with the whole family. This can help younger children develop a sens eof responsibility and teach them to clean up after themselves and help where they can.

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