Feb 21, 2024

What is the Most Important Rule of Cleaning? (Plus More Household Cleaning Tips!)

What is the Most Important Rule of Cleaning? (Plus More Household Cleaning Tips!)

When it comes to cleaning, it can sometimes be difficult to find where to start. Getting started is a big step, but then what? We’ve got some great tips to help keep you on the right track and save time during your big cleans. We’re also answering the age-old question, ‘What is the most important rule of cleaning?’. Read on to find out!

5. Clean from the top down

This is a handy tip. Think about it, if you’re wiping down your surfaces, where is the dust and dirt going to land? That’s right, on your floor! When cleaning, always clean your floor last, as this ensures any dirt you’ve swept up off surfaces ends up in the vacuum cleaner.

4. Never leave dirty dishes in the sink

Dishes are honestly the bane of many of our existences. Cleaning dishes as soon as possible or rinsing and placing them in the dishwasher ensures your sink doesn’t get piled up and become a bigger problem. Food scraps also attract yucky pests like cockroaches, and you certainly don’t want them scuttling around in your home!

3. Don’t forget your bathroom

Bathrooms can require a serious amount of work if not regularly kept in check. Dirt, grime, and mold can quickly build up in dirty bathrooms. Investing in shower glass cleaner, glass protection, and mold remover will save you plenty of time when cleaning your bathroom. By investing in quality bathroom cleaning products, you’ll notice mold is dead and gone, and your shower glass stays cleaner and free from grime and stains for longer.

2. Invest in environmentally friendly multi-purpose cleaners

Environmentally friendly cleaners are the way to go for a fantastic clean-up whilst also reducing the need for harsh chemicals. Coupled with microfibre cleaning cloths, a multi-purpose cleaner is perfect for cleaning a variety of different surfaces, saving you time, and providing a superior finish to your cleaning efforts. Choose dissolvable multi-purpose cleaning tablets with a reusable bottle for a sustainable solution that also creates less waste than a lot of other cleaning products.

1. Clean as you go

Lastly, and our most important rule of cleaning, cleaning up as you go will save you so much time in your cleaning routine. If you notice something out of place, rubbish where it shouldn’t be or dishes left on the bench, clean it up as you’re going past. This will greatly decrease the time spent on cleaning when you get to the nitty-gritty of your next big household cleaning mission.

There you have it! Those are some important and helpful tips to help you with your cleaning efforts. By following these tips, you’ll find you’re spending less time cleaning, and your big cleans will become less frequent. Consistency is key with these tips!