Mar 04, 2024

3 of the BEST Hacks to Make Your House Smell Nice with Dogs

3 of the BEST Hacks to Make Your House Smell Nice with Dogs

We adore our pets and deeply cherish them as a member of our families. That being said, our doggies can cause unwanted odours throughout the house with the smell seemingly seeping into every nook and cranny. This can make properly cleaning a house with dogs challenging. Many people have asked, "How can I make my house smell good with my dog?", and we’ll share 3 simple yet effective hacks to achieve this.

1. Find a nice and natural-smelling multi-purpose cleaner

A pleasant-smelling multi-purpose cleaner (one that doesn’t smell like chemicals) is perfect for maintaining a nice-smelling home when you have pets. Pet-friendly cleaning products like our Cleanertabs multi-purpose solution will help keep your home smelling fresh for longer whilst also being safe to use in your home and environmentally friendly.
BONUS: Pair Cleanertabs multi-purpose dissolvable cleaning tablets with a candle or diffuser of the same scent for even longer-lasting doggy smell coverage.

2. Keep your dog well-groomed

If your pup likes to feel the fresh air of the great outdoors but also likes to be an inside dog, it’s important to wash them regularly. These regular washes will remove any dirt and other yucky-smelling material from your dog’s fur, keeping them smelling fresh and clean while indoors, but still allowing them to frolic at the dog park.

3. Protect surfaces with a nanocoat solution

Not only do dogs bring in dirt and mess from outside, but their shed fur can quickly spread throughout the home, with odours in tow. As well as their fur, drool (and other fluids - if potty training is involved) can cause smells and residue to build up on surfaces. Using a safe multi-purpose cleaner paired with a quality nanocoat solution applied to surfaces will help combat puppy pong and make residue and fluids much easier to clean.

There you have it! Those are our top 3 tips to keep your home smelling nice with dogs. By following these tips, you’ll find your home smells fresh and clean for longer, and less like your beloved (but sometimes smelly) pooch.