GLASSGUARD™ Glass Stain Remover + Drill Scrubbing Pads

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What Makes This Mold Remover

Removes Stains

Including calcium, limescale, soap scum, water spots, dirt and rust

Restores Glass + Surfaces

By deep cleaning the glass, it restores it back to a new condition.

Clean 5X Faster

Use the power of your drill to clean your bathroom faster, more easily and more effectively.

Environmentally Friendly

Effective cleaning products and surface protection reduces the use of water, reduces harsh cleaning chemicals in your home and increases the longevity of your materials, offering the best solution for our environment.

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There are more benefits to GLASSGUARD™ products than just efficient and effective cleaning...

Our Products Work

Our easy-to-use, rigorously
tested products deliver every time, effectively removing stains and providing long-lasting surface protection.

Environmentally friendly

Our products reduce water and chemical use, extend surface life, lessen cleaning time, and promote sustainable environmental practices.

100% Money Back Guarantee

We put our customers first and stand by the effectiveness of our products! We proudly offer a 100% money back guarantee to ensure customer satisfaction.

Protecting Your Surfaces

All GLASSGUARD™ products are held to rigorous standards for quality and safety, while being designed to work in the harsh and varied climates.

Frequently Asked Questions

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