Apr 10, 2024

Why Regular Glass Maintenance Matters: 3 Top Tips for Preserving the Shine

Why Regular Glass Maintenance Matters: 3 Top Tips for Preserving the Shine

Glass maintenance is an important part of house cleaning. External glass, and glass exposed to water, grime, and grease in your home can quickly become an eyesore. Even more worrying, as time goes on glass becomes more difficult to clean, with residues becoming caked on and unable to be simply wiped away. When it comes to making glass maintenance an easier task, there are a couple of key questions to ask: What’s the trick to washing windows? How can I keep my glass cleaner for longer? What are the best window cleaning tools to use? We’ve got the answers right here…

1. Use specialised window cleaning supplies

The task of cleaning glass is easy when you have the right tools. Window cleaning supplies such as glass scrapers, microfibre cloths, and the right glass cleaner and stain remover can easily remove built-up water marks and grime to leave your glass shiny and sparkly.

2. A quick wipe-down with a squeegee does wonders

Whether you use it to wipe away residual water droplets after a clean, or for quick wipe-downs between cleans, a silicone squeegee is the perfect tool for the job, removing excess water and grime from glass with ease. Your glass will look cleaner for longer and the frequency of cleans will be reduced.

3. Invest in glass nanocoat

Nanocoat is your new best friend when it comes to keeping your glass clean. The unique formula in glass nanocoat protection creates a barrier to dirt and grime, making it less likely to adhere to your glass. In the long run, you’ll need to clean far less and be able to enjoy squeaky clean glass for longer.

Preserving shine in your glass is easy when you have the right tools at your disposal. Once your glass is sparkling clean, it’s far easier to keep it that way with an application of nanocoat and the regular swipe of a squeegee.