Apr 26, 2024

The Art of Speed-Cleaning: 3 Techniques for a Tidy Home FAST!

The Art of Speed-Cleaning: 3 Techniques for a Tidy Home FAST!

Life is busy which means that sometimes cleaning takes a backseat to other priorities. When you need to clean up quickly, these three speed-cleaning techniques will help you get your home in shape — fast!

1. Do a quick 15-minute power clean

One of the most effective speed-cleaning techniques is to set a timer for 15 minutes and focus on one task at a time. By breaking your cleaning into small chunks, you can accomplish more without feeling overwhelmed. Start with a quick tidy-up: put away items that don't belong where they are, gather laundry, and clear off countertops, dusting with a microfibre cloth as you go. This method is great for maintaining a baseline level of cleanliness even on the busiest of days.

2. Get organised and stay organised

Clutter can make a home feel chaotic, but this method of decluttering can help you sort through it quickly. Grab 3 boxes or bags and label them: Keep, Donate/Sell and Trash. As you clean, drop items into the appropriate box. This technique is excellent for speed-cleaning rooms where a lot of stuff has accumulated. By the end of your cleaning session, you'll have a more organised space and a clearer idea of what needs to stay, go, or be donated.

3. Tidy as you go

One of the keys to maintaining a clean home with minimal effort is to tidy as you go. This might be something as simple as picking up a used cup as you walk from the living room to the kitchen and washing it up when you get there instead of leaving it on the sink. It could also mean keeping a silicone squeegee in your shower to quickly wipe down glass doors and walls each morning or night post-shower.

BONUS TIP: If you’re not sure where to start with your speed-cleaning journey, invest in some quality bundles of cleaning products that have been specially made to make cleaning quicker and easier throughout the home.

Speed cleaning is all about efficiency and knowing where to focus your efforts for the best results. With these tips, you'll be able to keep your home looking great — even when you're short on time.