Apr 19, 2024

Safeguard Your Family & The Earth With 3 of the Best Healthy Cleaning Products

Safeguard Your Family & The Earth With 3 of the Best Healthy Cleaning Products

With Earth Day falling on April 22nd, we are reminded of the importance of using healthy and environmentally-friendly cleaning products in our homes. Not only is it important for the future of our planet, but it can make a world of difference to overall home health as well. So, how do you keep your home healthy while looking out for Mother Nature at the same time? You can start by trading harsh cleaning chemicals and sub-par products for better solutions!

1. Reduce plastic wastage with an environmentally-friendly all-purpose cleaner

We’ve got just the one for your home. Our fabulous CLEANERTABS™ are one of our favourite healthy cleaning solutions in our range. Not only do these powerful dissolvable cleaning tablets pack a punch, but they’re also allergy-friendly, super versatile, highly compact for easy storage, and come with a reusable spray bottle that helps reduce plastic waste.

2. Improve bathroom hygiene and lower water usage with nanocoat

One of the best healthy cleaning products is a quality bath and toilet nanocoat. Nanocoat is a protective barrier that can be applied to surfaces to help protect against long-term staining, save cleaning time (thus reducing water usage), and improve general hygiene within the home. Just one application can save up to 90% cleaning time which is a lot of water wastage avoided.

3. Save on paper towel usage with microfibre cloths

The trees will love you and so will your home! Making the switch from disposable paper towel to reusable microfibre cloths is a seriously fantastic way to reduce wastage (of both paper and the plastic packaging it usually comes in), as well as achieving a better and healthier clean in your home. You’ll also save money in the long run, not having to top up your paper towel again when it inevitably runs out.

Any time you’re wondering where to find the best healthy cleaning products that also help make cleaning easier, more sustainable, and more environmentally-friendly, turn to GLASSGUARD. We’ve got you and Mother Nature covered!