May 08, 2024

How Can I Make Mother’s Day Special at Home Without Breaking the Bank (3 Thoughtful Tips)

How Can I Make Mother’s Day Special at Home Without Breaking the Bank (3 Thoughtful Tips)

With Mother’s Day just around the corner (and the cost of living on the rise), many of us are likely planning a cozy Mother’s Day at home. Here are 3 great ideas to make Mother's Day special at home on a budget. Whether you’re a pet mom, a plant mom, a mom to little humans, or someone planning a special day for a special mom, we hope these tips are helpful and we wish you an absolutely incredible Mother’s Day ahead.

1. Help your mom with Mother’s Day cleaning in advance

If your mom is hosting a Mother’s Day event, pop around for a visit in the days leading up to it and help her by getting the house clean. This might be a mix of vacuuming, cleaning showers, windows, and mirrors, wiping down surfaces with a quality all-purpose cleaner, and other cleaning tasks and odd jobs around the house. Even if she’s not hosting an event for Mother’s Day, a little help goes a long way - visit her soon and offer to help her around the house anyway.

2. Organize a special day to spend time with your mom

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, but a lot of moms just want to spend time with their families on Mother’s Day (and in general). Obviously, they have their own lives and hobbies, but there’s nothing more important to them than spending quality time with the people they love. Rather than forking out money for expensive gifts on Mother’s Day, you could simply treat mom to a nice homemade dinner and organise a day in advance to take her out for a picnic or ask if you can visit her for the weekend sometime in the next few weeks. She will likely appreciate these gestures much more than lavish gifts.

3. Suggest budget-friendly gifts for your kids

As moms, we like to think that our kids know us better than anyone, but sometimes they may need a little nudge in the right direction. Keeping in mind that they may be on a budget, they will still likely want to get you some kind of gift. Instead of telling them you’d like “nothing at all”, you can simply suggest budget-friendly gifts that you’ll actually use and enjoy like a thoughtful homemade art piece, the chance to spend quality time together, a new book, something thrifted that they think you’ll love or even some inexpensive useful household items like affordable cleaning supplies.

These are just a few ways to make Mother's Day special at home on a budget. Hopefully, this has inspired people to do something really wonderful to celebrate their mom this Mother’s Day.