May 16, 2024

5 Little-known Cleaning Products You NEED to Meet

5 Little-known Cleaning Products You NEED to Meet

When it comes to taking advantage of the benefits of cleaning regularly, you definitely need the right tools for the job to make that dream a reality. We’ve all heard of the wonders of microfibre cloths and high-quality mold removal gel by now — but here are a few little-known cleaning products that a lot of people may still be in the dark about. Add these to your cleaning toolkit for speedier cleans that use a lot less elbow grease.

1. A glass restoration nano sponge

“What the heck is that?” we hear you ask. Well, it’s a nifty little glass cleaner sponge that’s super gentle on glass but tackles hard water stains and mineral build-up with ease. Made from specialist melamine foam it refuses to leave a scratch on delicate glass surfaces but isn’t afraid to hit stubborn stains hard.

2. A drill scourer pad

Possibly one of our favourite products for cleaning, this non-abrasive drill scourer brush attaches to any drill to clean glass, showers, tubs, tiles, grouts, and almost any other hard surface to easily remove mildew, soap scum, hard water stains, mineral deposits, and other grime.

3. Dissolvable multi-purpose spray tablets

Rather than reaching for the classic all-purpose spray, give dissolvable cleaning tablets a go next time you need a quality multi-purpose cleaner. Not only do these compact tablets smell divine, but they offer an extremely powerful clean, are highly cost-effective over time, and they come with a reusable bottle for a more sustainable, environmentally friendly cleaning process.

BONUS: You can also pick up a non-scented version for allergy-friendly purposes.

4. A glass scraping tool

This is one of the handiest window cleaning tools to have in your home. From adhesive stickers and paint to dirt, stains, and other debris, this little wonder removes hard residue from glass with minimal effort and no scratches in the aftermath.

5. Nanocoat protection for your car

When it comes to cleaning, it’s not only the house that should be covered — cars are important too! Adding a layer of surface protection to your car will help repel water and dirt for 6+ months, meaning less time spent cleaning and more time spent joyriding.

All of these products are available in the GLASSGUARD cleaning range alongside other safe cleaning supplies and accessories. Happy cleaning!