Apr 08, 2024

5 Highly Effective Strategies for Cleaning Your Pet's Space

5 Highly Effective Strategies for Cleaning Your Pet's Space

As pet owners, not only do we want to create a safe and clean space for our pets, but doing this carries over to our own cleanliness, health, and safety as well. A clean home is a better place for all (humans and animals) who live and visit. So, we’ve put together this checklist of 5 highly effective strategies for cleaning your pet's space to help create a more comfortable, safer, and healthier environment for them and for you in the lead-up to National Pet Day (April 11th).

1. Regularly groom your pet

Depending on your pet, this could make a huge difference in the cleanliness of your home. If you have a fluffy cat or dog, be sure to brush their fur and/or have them professionally groomed as needed to help avoid shedding throughout your home. You’ll also be helping reduce the number of hairballs they deal with as well.

2. Control odours with regular cleaning and fresh scents

Cleaning up messes as they appear, doing a weekly quick clean, and regular deep cleans of the areas your pet uses within your home is a great way to keep smells at bay. You can pair scented candles or air fresheners with nice-smelling cleaning products like a multi-purpose cleaner with a refreshing scent for even better results.

3. Use protective nanocoat for easier cleaning

Whether it’s cleaning dog drool off your car or wiping muddy pawprints off tiles, adding a layer of protective nanocoat around your home can seriously help with keeping your valuables clean. Nanocoat surface protection creates a hydrophobic barrier between your pet’s mess and the items they come into contact with - this means preventing dirt, mud, slobber or even light scratches from being able to penetrate the surface. Just a quick wipe with a microfibre cleaning cloth and you’re good to go!

4. Wash bedding and toys frequently

This one speaks for itself. Whether your pet sleeps in bed with you, or they have their own sleeping arrangements, the space is going to become filled with fur and other pet mess pretty quickly. Wash bedsheets, pet beds, and washable toys regularly to ensure you and your pet are safe from nasties (and to reduce pet smell throughout your home).

5. Use pet-friendly cleaning products

Finding healthy cleaning solutions for your pet (and for you) should be at the top of your cleaning checklist. No matter the cleaning product you need, you can bet there’s a safe option out there that’s not only good for you and your pets, but kind to the greater environment as well.

So, there you have it — 5 ways you can clean your pet’s space to keep your home healthy, safe, and smelling fresh as daisies. Happy cleaning!