May 03, 2024

5 Genius Ways to Make Cleaning More Fun For Kids

5 Genius Ways to Make Cleaning More Fun For Kids

If you’ve been struggling to work out how to make cleaning fun for your kids, you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few tips provided by parents who have turned cleaning into less of a chore for their kids — and just in time for World Laughter Day on May 7th to help put a smile on those little dials as they help tidy!

1. Create a special cleaning kit for each of your kids

Putting together a little cleaning pack with assigned items for each of your children (ie. a cleaning cloth, squeegee, and safe multi-purpose spray for the older kids) will help them recognise that those items and the associated cleaning chores are their responsibility. Make it fun by helping them decorate a small bucket to store and carry their cleaning tools in.

2. Get crafty with kids household cleaning products

If you’re handy with a needle and thread, you can ask your children to choose a design that can be embroidered onto the corner of their microfibre cleaning cloth. You could also help them choose some fun waterproof stickers to go on other items. They’ll love having their own personalised cleaning supplies.

3. Play their favourite music while cleaning

Dancing and cleaning go hand in hand when you’re trying to introduce fun ways to clean. Music is a great motivator, not just for kids but for adults as well. You’ll be singing, dancing, laughing, and cleaning together in no time!

4. Turn cleaning time into a fun game

We often think of cleaning as a super annoying chore that we HAVE to do, but what if we thought of it as more of a fun activity that the family CHOOSES to do together, and even looks forward to? This might mean setting up a reward system where the whole family gets to choose a reward for themselves for getting their respective cleaning tasks done on time. Or it might be fun to add a competitive edge, eg. who can put their toys away the fastest and tidiest.

5. Clean as a family

Kids (especially younger kids) love being able to do what mummy or daddy is doing. If you turn cleaning time into a family affair, the littlies won’t feel like they’re missing out on anything fun while they’re stuck doing their chores because everyone will be doing their own chores with them.

We hope these fun ways to clean your house will help your kids become more inclined to keep their rooms tidy and help out with general household chores. Happy cleaning and happy World Laughter Day!