Mar 01, 2024

What is the Secret to a Clean House? (5 Cleaning Tips That Professional Cleaners Swear By!)

What is the Secret to a Clean House? (5 Cleaning Tips That Professional Cleaners Swear By!)

Everyone loves a clean house, right? There’s nothing more satisfying than squeaky clean floors, spotless windows, and sparkling tiles. For many of us, it can be hard to maintain a perfectly clean house, so it’s no surprise when every clean becomes a ‘big clean’ (and a big effort). So, what is the secret to a clean house? We’ve asked professional house cleaners for 5 tips to help keep homes cleaner for longer. Here they are…

1. Invest in quality nanocoat protection

For long-term protection of glass and surfaces against soap scum, heavy watermarks, and everyday wear and tear, nanocoat protection is the answer. Nanocoating creates an invisible barrier on the surface, utilising hydrophobic qualities to repel water and dirt from building up.

2. Create a cleaning schedule

Keeping to a schedule is an excellent way to ensure your cleaning tasks are completed without them becoming overwhelming. A schedule of what is cleaned, when, and even who completes the task is vital to staying on top of your cleaning. The tasks will quickly become second nature and you’ll find your home stays much cleaner for much longer!

3. Choose safe, environmentally friendly cleaning products

We all care about keeping our home, and the environment, happy and healthy. By choosing environmentally friendly, safe cleaning products, you’re ensuring that no nasty cleaning chemicals are used in your home. At GLASSGUARD, we’ve spent a lot of time and research developing a range of safe, environmentally friendly, sustainable cleaning products that will keep your home sparkling clean. There’s a wide range of options available in our online store, including a safe all-purpose cleaner in the form of dissolvable tablets (it’s the perfect all-rounder).

4. Clean from top to bottom

This is a great tip, as often we get into the zone of cleaning and don’t think about what we’ll do next. By cleaning from top to bottom, you’re ensuring any dirt or dust that isn’t picked up in your cleaning cloth will end up on the floor to be easily vacuumed later! This will save you plenty of time and will avoid the frustration of dust and grime falling onto your freshly cleaned floors.

5. Find nice-smelling products to keep your home fresh

No one likes the smell of harsh chemicals. They often burn your nose and can leave your home smelling like chemicals for days on end (not to mention they can be highly detrimental to your health and the environment). Nice-smelling cleaning products (like the scents available in our Cleanertabs refill pack)  ensure your home is kept clean whilst also smelling fresh. The refills are also available as a non-scented pack for those who are sensitive to certain scents. It’s a win-win!

Congratulations! You’ve now unlocked some of the secrets to keeping a clean house. It’s surprisingly simple with a little help from the pros.